Virtual Sports

1xBit provides a full range of virtual sports that you can try when there is a lack of live sports events. There is one of the best collections of random games you can find at a crypto casino. 1xBit offers to take part in a new kind of game Fantasy League. The company offers four types of games: football, basketball, ice hockey, Dota. Fantasy League is a game. Players build a team of real-world athletes who then score fantasy points according to set scoring rules. There is a competition on a game day in various professional leagues. Players can build teams based on a chosen budget, and there's a limit set on the number of players teammates, which are prototypes playing in a real team, and their representatives.

The prize money is as follows. The overall winner takes all the prize money. A 50/50, or 50% of players earning the maximum points, will divide the prize money into equal parts. The benefits are for the first three players in the proportion, with first-place getting 50% of the prize, second place receives 30%, and third place wins 20%. You can discover more about the exciting Fantasy League Rules in the Fantasy League section. Scoring tables for each type of the games are on the corresponding pages within the Fantasy League pages. Each competition requires you to select players for an amount not exceeding the virtual team budget. You can play by choosing a tournament from the list, paying the entry fee, recruiting new players to your roster, and wait for the matches in the contest to finish. Then, you can discover your result that bases upon the stats of your team and claim your winnings via your account.

Stats on football matches are widely available. The player pool consists of players of the groups that can play in the leagues in question. The player's salary won't change once a contest begins, but will fluctuate from competition to contest based on the players' performance and popularity. Teams of your opponents are visible immediately, and the results and winners are according to the total points scored by players of the group. If a match is part of a contest outside of the scheduled beginning and end of the battle, players in those matches will earn zero points.

If a scheduled game is canceled, preempted, or postponed, no points will be awarded for players in the withdrawn, preempted, or postponed game or event. If a match happens to be shortened for any reason, then statistics for the players will be used to calculate results published in the official sources. If there is difficulty obtaining official results or issues with scoring, it can take some time whenever the final statistics are initially posted. Some structured contests, however, require a specified number of participants. If that number of participants isn't reached before the tournament, the match will not occur, and your entrance fee will be refunded.