1xBit does its bit to promote esports by sponsoring several high-profile teams. There are betting opportunities on several significant events and esports games, such as the ones mentioned below. Let’s take a look at them.

Counter-Strike bets are accepted for total, and handicaps on the rounds concerning Counter-Strike are accepted, including all possible overtimes. If any player or team drop out of a match for any reason, they will all be remaining contests and maps. Bets on Live markets are settled at odds of One unless the outcome is already determined when the match stops. If a game is put off for more than 24 hours, the company can settle bets at odds of One. No stake will be canceled due to a latent misprint in the username of a player or a specific team. In that event, all bets stand. No substitutions of team members, even if they are during the match, will affect your wagers. If the administrator stops a game and sets up a replay, the result of the interrupted game won't count. Handicaps and totals are available in maps, except when totals or handicaps in respect to a specific plan or a match takes place on a best-of-one basis. Map Ends In Daytime market bases itself on the game’s day and night cycle. The first day starts at minute zero and alternates with night every few minutes. Instant nighttime, as the character Night Stalker due to his exceptional ability, is still regarded as day. For Dota 2, or the popular League of Legends, the map or match-winner gains the throne, or the nexus of either team falls.

eSports Football betting involves the streaming of a multiplayer game, such as a football simulator. Wagering options include the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. All bets are paid out after an event ends. The minimum wager on any selection is 0,2mɃ. The bookmakers determine the exact maximum stake for each bet. The bookie may change limits without giving you prior notice. Football stakes are accepted at regular times. If staff members of staff commit an error, or if there are software failures that occur at the time of bet acceptance, like apparent misprints in the game odds, inconsistencies between the odds displayed in the Sports or Live sections and on your betting slip. Perhaps there are other indications of wagers accepted incorrectly. The bookmaker is entitled to render such stakes void. Bets on the UEFA Champions League are available for pre-match and live to bet. All eSports Football screened online. The following betting markets are open in regular time, Win, Double Chance, Handicap, Total Over and Under, Team Total, Over and Under, Total Even/Odd, Correct Score, and Next Goal.

Counter-Strike involves the streaming of a multiplayer simulator game. Stakes are available on a battle between two teams. A single match plays up to 11 victories, with the maximum number of rounds is 21. All bets are paid right after a game ends. One round lasts two minutes. No act performed after the expiration of the period will count for betting purposes. Counter-Terrorists win the round if no bomb is on a bomb-defusing map during the time. Terrorists win the bout if no hostage has been rescued on a hostage rescue map during the time, as mentioned earlier period. The minimum stake for one selection is 0,2mɃ. The maximum bet will be set by the bookie for each section individually. The stake limits may change without prior notice. If members of staff commit an error or a software failure occurs at the time of your bet acceptance, or any other indications of your bet is incorrect, such chances are void. It does not matter when someone plants a bomb during the round, whether before or after all counter-terrorists have been killed—only planting the bomb matters. W1 and W2 games within the round are as follows if you plant a bomb. If the bomb defuses in the round, the bet W1 will win, and the bet W2 will lose. If the bomb explodes in the round, the bet W1 will fail, and the bet W2 will win. Bets on teams are only accepted LIVE. All matches are streamed online.

The following betting markets are available, Win, Handicap, Total Over and Under, Team Total, Over and Under, Bomb Planted, Win In Round, Total In Round, Handicap In Round, Total, Headshots In Round, Individual Total Frags In Round, Total Frags In Round, Even/Odd, Method Of Win In Round, Round, Duration, Bomb Defused, First Frag In Round, Team Suicide In Round, Total Headshots In Round, and finally Win To Nil In Round. Frag is a point scored for killing an opponent, for instance, if an opposing team member dies for any reason, excluding death by a bomb explosion or suicide. A headshot will be a shot to the head. Suicide is death caused by falling from a height, death by a bomb explosion. eSports Ice Hockey involves the streaming of a multiplayer game, an ice hockey simulator. Betting is allowed on the Stanley Cup. All wagers payout after the event ends. The minimum on any selection is 0,2mɃ.

eSports Martial Arts UFC betting is available for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, essentially mixed martial arts. Types of betting include a submission means defeating an opponent by using a painful hold—a knockout, which is a fighter losing consciousness after a legal blow. For the UFC2 BantamWeight and UFC2 LightWeight, win by KO / TKO is the same as a knockout. A Points victory includes a technical knockout when a third party stops the battle if a fighter cannot play. Technical knockouts fall into three categories. Referee Stoppage is when he decides a fighter can no longer defend himself intelligently. A Ringside Physician Stoppage, when the physician at the ringside decides further combat, may endanger a fighter’s life. A Corner Stoppage is when a fighter’s second signals to stop. The following betting markets are available, Win, Method Of Win, or Points Victory, KO Victory, TKO Victory, and Victory By Submission. Method Of Fighter Win, Points Victory, KO Victory, TKO Victory, and Victory By Submission. Total Number Of Knockdowns either Over or Under, Number Of Takedowns, both Over and Under.